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Special Circumstances

Contact Mercer Voluntary Benefits customer service at 800.621.2358 if you experience any of these special circumstances

Leave the company

Your 4Ever Universal Life policy is portable, meaning the coverage is yours even if you leave the company, as long as the group policy is in effect. You will be billed directly for your cost of coverage at portable rates. Any contributions you make to the cash accumulation account may also be included in this payment. Contact Mercer Voluntary Benefits customer service at 800.621.2358 to update your payment method.

Leaves of absence

You will be billed directly at your home address (via US mail) once the premium payment is no longer deducted via Payroll deduction.


You can keep your 4Ever Universal Life coverage if you retire, as long as the group policy is in effect. You will be billed directly for the cost of coverage and any contributions you make to the cash accumulation account.

Separation, Divorce, or Dissolution of Civil Union or Domestic Partnership*

Your spouse* may be able to continue his or her coverage in the event of separation, divorce, or dissolution of civil union* or domestic partnership*. Contact Mercer Voluntary Benefits for information.

Convert or Continue Child’s Coverage

When your child is no longer eligible for child coverage, he or she can apply for an increase in coverage up to five times the $10,000 children’s rider, as long as the group policy is still in effect. This increased coverage may be purchased at the group rates then in effect. The adult child will be issued a 4Ever Universal Life certificate and will be eligible to contribute to a cash accumulation account. The request for coverage must be made in writing to Mercer Voluntary Benefits within 90 days of the date the child is no longer covered by the child rider.

A child conversion is not available for a disabled child. Children’s coverage may be continued for a disabled child as a rider to the existing adult 4Ever Universal Life certificate. The child rider may remain in effect as long as the employee or spouse* maintains coverage. Please contact Mercer Voluntary Benefits to request continued coverage for a disabled child.

Living Benefits

An employee or spouse* diagnosed with a terminal illness with a prognosis of less than 12 months, may take an advance payout — prior to death—up to 50% of the life insurance coverage amount. $20,000 minimum coverage is required. The payout to the beneficiary will be reduced by the amount of the advance. Premium payments must be continued following a payout to keep the 4Ever Universal Life coverage in force.

Survivor Benefits & Support

BCBS Plan HR departments may contact Elizabeth Cherian at or 630.472.7711 to verify employee coverage and get additional information about the claims process for the deceased’s’ beneficiaries.

* Disclaimer related to Marriage/Civil Unions/Domestic Partnerships. Spouse definition: means your spouse in a legally recognized union of two people. Spouse includes your civil union and domestic partner.

Insurance Cost Calculators

Use the calculators to find your monthly insurance cost. The amount of coverage will automatically increase as your annual base salary increases.


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When is the interest credited to my account? Daily, monthly or annually?

Interest is applied monthly and the cash accumulation account balance is updated each month.

When do benefits expire?

4Ever Universal Life is a type of permanent life insurance policy. Unlike term insurance, which typically lasts for a designated timeframe or while you are employed with a particular company, 4Ever Universal Life offers protection until you reach the age of 94, as long as you are paying premiums and meeting policy obligations. Plus, any cash accumulation is yours to keep. If you leave the company or retire, you can take the benefits with you. And if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you may be eligible to receive living benefits in the form of an advanced payout.

Is there a minimal withdrawal requirement?

Yes, $200.00.

Are there any fees for partial or complete withdrawals?


Who do I contact for customer service inquires?

You may contact the administrator for the 4Ever Universal Life program, Mercer Health & Benefits Administration, LLC at 1.800.621.2358, for information on completing your enrollment form, completing a beneficiary form, or questions about beneficiary changes. Your employer should not be contacted with program questions as they will not retain any program documentation.