Calculate Monthly Insurance Cost

Follow step-by-step guides below to find out how much your monthly cost.
There is an administrative fee of $1.50 for each employee and spouse.
The amount of coverage will automatically increase as your annual base salary increases. (1)

You have an option to fund Cash Accumulation on a yearly basis or monthly basis. Contact Mercer at 800.621.2358 for more information, after the certificate of coverage has been issued.

(1) Automatic increases are calculated once each calendar year. If you enrolled in 4Ever Universal Life before 2016, you will not be subject to yearly automatic increases if you did not elect this option on your application.

Disclaimer related to Marriage/Civil Unions/Domestic Partnerships
Spouse definition: means your spouse in a legally recognized union of two people. Spouse includes your civil union and domestic partner.

This worksheet does not assume interest earned on the unused portion of the death benefit, inflation rates, or taxes payable on interest earned. This worksheet is only a guide. You may wish to consult your financial advisor regarding the appropriate amount of life insurance needed.